Busy Season Part 2

People love to bake cookies in November/December. Our orders didn’t stop all month!!
*insert tired happy dance*




Christmas kept us busy…

And finally my baby turns 2 on New Years Eve. (They’re magnets! I do them for all my boys’ birthday invites!)

I’ll see you in January; with updates, resolutions lol who am I kidding!? and more shenanigans.


See Ya Never, Cable.

In our constant quest to downsize before we move, we decided to get rid of cable.

Because it sucks.

So now we pay $16 for streaming services, and the occasional season pass for Apple TV, and our cable/internet bill dropped from $176 to $73.

Isn’t that outrageous?


The cable guy was not pleased when I called to cancel.

When he asked why, I said “Well… Hulu & Netflix are $16. Cable is $100.”

His exact words were “Okay! I did what I could!”

Which means he did exactly the same things that the company did for me when I had a problem or needed help with something:

…a whole lot of nothing.

See ya NEVER, cable.


Cable company, if you’re reading this please don’t slow down my internet. The internet is great. Thaaanks.

Busy Season

I hate to glorify the word busy… But this is our busy season.

Most people realize this:


And for us it couldn’t be more true. We are in the cookie business (cookie CUTTERS to be exact) and the instant Halloween is over holiday orders start flooding in.

But I’m always thankful for “busy”. Busy means business!

Between all our orders and chasing the boys around and trying to be lazy whenever we possibly can be I haven’t posted our costumes yet! So here is my very belated Halloween post:


Here’s the wagon my husband made- it even lit up:

And my mom and I were Rapunzel and Mother Gothel from Tangled!


My mom made 100% of our Tangled costumes (including my wig!) and we ordered most of the Top Gun costumes and she pieced them together. She’s awesome. I know.

My husband decided to be the flight crew for our boys… And I was thrilled. 🙂


Overall it was a fantastic (30 degree) Halloween.

Fall stayed for two whole weeks and today it snowed 3 inches.


And thank you to my best friend Dylan for this little gem:



So it’s the week of Halloween and the weather gypsies are stunned that Kansas is breaking records left and right with 90 degree heat.

Weather gypsies: n- an affectionate term I’ve coined for the TV weather men. They are as good as predicting the weather as an old time-y gypsy peering into a crystal ball to predict ones future.

This weather is killing me.

Not only is it bumming me out but it’s crushing my Halloween spirit.

BUT this week is “supposed to cool down” (said the weather man, peering into his crystal ball and speaking to a “great perhaps”).

Either way, we always have a blast. My mom has always made insanely elaborate costumes for me. Now that I have kids, it’s their turn to get in on the fun and my turn to dress up again. Because… Why not? 🙂 My mom always dressed up with me when I was little and I LOVED it.

We’ve always had some degree of secrecy to our planning, because surprising people is part of the fun!! So here are some of the costumes we did in the past… And this weekend I will post pictures of what we did this year.

My oldest was a chicken for his first Halloween. We didn’t dress up this year, because we were busy making sure he didn’t eat the feathers.


2 years ago I said my costume was “IN LABOR” since I was 2 months away from having our youngest. No one thought I was that funny. Our son was Davy Crockett.


Then last year FOR THE FIRST TIME I got my husband to dress up!!!! He was Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, I was Merida from Brave (my mom MADE THAT WIG- it started out short, straight and blonde!), our older son is William Wallace and our younger son is a Viking… Complete with a ship my husband made.





So obviously I’m REALLY excited for Halloween this year, warm weather or not!

Stay tuned!

Hurry Up & Wait

I started this blog early so I could keep track of our decision making process. Then someday I could look back on it with fondness (hopefully!?) and remember everything that happened.

…nothing is happening.

Right now we are in the hurry up & wait phase of our moving adventure (also known as “life”).

We are still getting rid of more stuff, and the more we talk about it the less stuff we want to keep. (Yeah, I know I say this a lot, but it’s true! #brokenrecord) We have a few things that are sentimental that we are keeping but besides that, nearly everything is getting sold or donated. This week we got rid of our last expendable couch and the toddler bed. That means all the furniture we have left is what we use every day! So I think that can be filed under Accomplishments.

Up next: CLOTHES. We have gotten rid of SO MANY and still have SO MANY to get rid of.

Sometime in the next 3-4 months (if everything goes according to plan) we hope to get our camper. We are looking at the Keystone Outback and haven’t decided which floor plan yet, but any feedback on the Keystones would be appreciated. 🙂

I’m learning new RV terms like “lite” and “ultralite” and trying to decide what’s best for a family of 4 to live in… Year round… In Colorado… while we move to a new state and build a small house. Again, any helpful hints would be appreciated.

So while we learn about travel trailers and continue to pare down our lives to prepare to move into a teeny tiny space, we will continue to enjoy a gorgeous fall (even though it’s been a little warm here). Fall Festival & Apple picking!!!



Holidays While Downsizing

First and foremost, let me say this:

I am the queen of fall.

Just kidding, but fall is when I really thrive.

I despise being hot. I long for days when I can leave my windows open, wear sweatshirts and my house stays at a gorgeous 55 degrees. I like to tell the cold-plainers;

Hey. You can put more clothes on to get warm, but when I’m hot there are only so many clothes I can take off before it starts getting obscene. Get a sweater.

Anyway, in my love of fall and all things fall (except for the pumpkin spice latte- sorry to be a disappointment to basic white girls everywhere) I love to decorate. But downsizing is really cramping my style.

Normally I would buy some new leaf garland or a new strand of lights to add to my already over-abundant supply of fall decor… Then scour Pinterest for the best fall projects that will make the best additions to my decorations.

This year is different.

By some weird twist of fate, half of my fall stuff was destroyed. One of my two large fall totes that had a lot of garland, lights, and assorted styrofoam pumpkins in it (hey, I told you I take fall decorating seriously) also had a can of fall themed Yankee Candle spray in it that exploded. I opened the tote to be assaulted by a disgusting scent that was like a Hobby Lobby and Yankee Candle had a war in my basement. It was horrible, everything was ruined, and in retrospect it was probably for the best. It saved me from having to get rid of stuff I would have never wanted to part with.

So I started to scour Pinterest for projects to rebuild my dwindling fall supply (because of course that was my immediate reaction). Then my husband reminded me that we are trying to get rid of crap and not bring it back into the house. Especially if we will be living in an RV for a year, then a much smaller house. Soon.



Ugh. I hate it when husbands are right. I love holidays and crafting. We settled on doing some fall “food” crafts instead- why try one when you can try them all!?


It was gloriously messy and didn’t take up any space at all because they were gone before the night was over.

So in chronicling our adventure, I’m also keeping track of the things that I’m struggling with in our journey to downsize and live smaller… so we can live bigger.

First on the list: crafts/decorating.

…Christmas is going to be rough.


Between our 1 year old, 3 year old, 3 birthdays this summer, running a business, family visiting & going on vacation- it’s been a busy summer. AND my dad had a hip replacement.

BUT with all these things happening, we’ve continued downsizing.

We’re down 2 couches, an elliptical trainer & probably an entire room full of clothes. (Like I said in a previous post– TOO MUCH STUFF.) And we still have stuff to get rid of, but now our basement close to empty!

We also decided that if we were going to stay in one place, we’d better like where we stay. We aren’t in the position to move around the country (maybe some day!!??) so we need to build where we want to live.

The answer came pretty unexpectedly:


We took a trip there and fell in love.

It’s amazing what going from the flat lands of Kansas to the mountains of Colorado will do for your psyche. And our little boys fell in love with the trees, dirt, rocks & pinecones. For them it was like an entirely different and magical place that I know they could call home in a heartbeat.

We love Kansas and it’s always been good to us, but it’s definitely time for a new adventure.

Hiking, biking & aspens are in our future.

So the plan now is to put the house on the market next spring, and stay in an RV on some land we purchase in Colorado while we build our tiny cottage.

Tiny house?

I don’t know.

Tiny house “purists” probably disagree with me calling it that- but either way we are downsizing big time. And that’s the point. 🙂